SureFire Ryder 9Ti 9mm Titanium Sound Suppressor 1/2×28 Attachment


SureFire Ryder 9Ti 9mm Titanium Sound Suppressor 1/2×28 Attachment


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10. Shipping:NFA ItemRequires NFA Tax Stamp. Condition:New Caliber
9mm Weight
9.5 oz Length
7.5 inches Diameter
1.25 inches Finish
Black Cerakote Sound Reduction
NA Mount
1/2×28 Materials
TitaniumTrack and Share

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The SF RYDER 9 Ti’s unique tube is created from ultra-lightweight titanium—fluted to further reduce weight and enhance appearance—as are the front and rear plates. This all helps to minimize the 9 Ti’s weight while increasing its overall strength and performance. Single-point-cut ½ x 28 provide secure, easy attachment to similarly threaded 9mm barrels, with no tools required. An extremely durable Cerakote finish, coats the suppressor and protects it from abrasions and corrosion. The SF RYDER 9Ti suppressors provide crucial tactical benefits, including reducing a weapon’s sound, dust, and muzzle-flash signature, which helps conceal your position; helping to prevent temporary and permanent hearing loss while enhancing situational awareness and communications; and reducing a weapon’s recoil, which allows for faster follow-up shots and makes shooting more enjoyable. The SF RYDER 9 Ti is an indispensable addition to most any 9mm pistol or rifle.

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