SureFire SOCOM MINI 2 556 Rifle Suppressor


SureFire SOCOM MINI 2 556 Rifle Suppressor


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10. Shipping:NFA ItemRequires NFA Tax Stamp. Condition:New Caliber
5.56/223 Weight
14.5 oz Length
5″ Diameter
1.5″ Finish
Black Cerakote Sound Reduction
NA Mount
Flash Hider Materials
Aluminum/Stainless SteelTrack and Share

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Built, designed and manufactured in the USA, the SureFire SOCOM556-MINI2 is meticulously engineered and packs virtually all the attributes of the popular SOCOM556-RC2 suppressor in a more compact package. Specifically designed for use with 5.56 mm (.223 caliber) weapon systems, the SOCOM556-MINI2 is carefully constructed of advanced high-temperature Inconel and stainless steel. Precision CNC laser-welding is employed to give all of our suppressors uncompromising strength and durability even when used in full-auto mode. Innovative internal baffling is incorporated to give it a significant decrease in back pressure, cyclic rate and gas blowback, which yields a tremendous reduction in sound and dust signature, and virtually undetectable first- round flash when it matters most. It also features the SureFire Fast-Attach system, which allows for easy and reliable attachment or removal of the suppressor in seconds.

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