Surefire SOCOM65 RC2 Fast-Attach 6mm / 6.5mm / 260 Caliber Suppressor


Surefire SOCOM65 RC2 Fast-Attach 6mm / 6.5mm / 260 Caliber Suppressor


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10. Shipping:NFA ItemRequires NFA Tax Stamp. Condition:New Caliber
6mm / 6.5 mm / 260 Caliber Weight
21 oz Length
8.4 Inches Diameter
1.5 Inches Finish
Black Sound Reduction Mount MaterialsTrack and Share

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The SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach suppressor is combat-proven and delivers durability without equal, maintains minimal and consistent point-of-impact shift, virtually eliminates muzzle flash, and attenuate sound while remaining compact and lightweight. It is constructed of cutting edge materials with redundant welding and advanced engineering to ensure that it will withstand the punishment of extreme combat. The SOCOM suppressor maintains strict accuracy standards even with repeated attachment and removal. The SureFire Fast-Attach mounting system provides rock-solid attachment and easy removal without requiring any tools.

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